Olla común

Olla común

Olla común stands for solidarity, cross-cultural contact and good food. For each Olla común event, a group of volunteers cooks a meal, serving dishes typical to their native country. After lunch, donations are collected for a social project in their country.

Uniting around lunch

For each Olla común event, a group of volunteers cooks a meal that is typical to their native country and collects donations for a social project there.

We invite you to come and enjoy lunch with us! Each event features a surprising and delicious mix of food. Sometimes, lunches are even accompanied by dancing, music or the sale of food and handicrafts from the host country.

We are very grateful for your donations, which enable us to cover the cost of the meal as well as support the project selected by each group.

If you would like to support this long-standing K5 project that encourages cross-cultural contact, please click here. Would you like to participate and cook, then please contact us via ollacomun@k5kurszentrum.ch.

If you want to receive regular invitations per email or a programm every six months, then you let us know under ollacomun@k5kurszentrum.ch.

Intercultural encounters since 1985

Several years ago a group of refugee women from Chile started Olla común at K5. Olla común means ‘common pot’, or communal kitchen, and refers to a tradition in Chile and other Latin American countries that was born out of necessity. In order to have at least one warm meal a day and strengthen their sense of community, residents from the slums would pool together any food they could find, cook it and then eat it together.

In the spirit of this tradition, Olla común brings people together. It creates a space for encounters that encourage solidarity with those in need through donations to social projects.

Coming events

Currently there are no events.
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