Olla común: Pakistan

Olla común: Pakistan

Join our Pakistani group for some summer fun. Enjoy spicy food and donate for the women's education projects in Lahore, Pakistan run by the Swiss NGO "Roots".  

> ayurvedic Indian food with Samosa (veg)
> chicken curry
> mixed vegetable Indian style
> lentils
> basmati rice
> deser, coffee and tea

You help Christian and Muslim girls and women from poor families get access to free school education and vocational trainings. The school leaving certificates are recognised by the government. The project enables the woman to be financially indepentend and support themselves and their families. Aim is to enable the women a life in respect and dignity thanks to a good education.

ⓒ Roots Verein

Location: Zwinglihaus, Gundeldingerstrasse 370, 4053 Basel, tram stop Zwinglihaus

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