World Wide Women (WWW)

Are you an immigrant with good qualifications, but have not yet been able to find suitable employment? Would you like to know more about the dos and don'ts of looking for a job in Switzerland? Together with ECAP Basel, K5 offers a course that supports you in all aspects of your job search. For instance, you will learn business German and be informed about career options, job search strategies and interviewing skills. In addition, you will receive coaching targeted to your particular situation, complete an internship and have the opportunity to obtain various certificates.

Course: World Wide Women (WWW)
Course length: 4 months, 200 classroom lessons + 168 e-learning lessons
Course times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8.30 a.m.–12.00 p.m. plus flexible computer time
Level: You must have a good command of German (level B1 based on the CEFR) to attend this course.
Childcare: possible on request

Course: CHF 3,000.–
Reduced fee up to CHF 2,000.– (on request)

Those interested in WWW will have a personal consultation with the course instructor to determine whether this course is suitable for them. If you are interested, please fill out the online contact form below so we can arrange an appointment with you.  

Interested? Click on additional course information to find out more about course requirements and content.

Qualifierte Migrantinnen bei der Arbeitssuche unterstützen. Das Basler Kurszentrum bietet den passenden Deutschkurs, zusammen mit ECAP.

Flyer–Download: WWW

More informations on the course

Why is WWW the right course for you?
> You aim to become integrated into the Swiss job market.
> You will gain the strategies, know-how and key competencies needed to become professionally integrated in Switzerland.
> You can broaden your ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) skills by earning the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Base, Standard or Advanced certificate.
> You will improve your German skills and have the opportunity to take the telc examination.

What does this course offer you?
> Modular structure with both classroom and e-learning lessons
> Business German
> Computer skills in German
> Study and work skills
> Support with career choice and the interview process
> Information on labour law and how the Swiss labour market is structured
> Individual coaching and an internship

What certificates can you earn?
> Certificate of successful course completion (key competencies)
> Certificate of language skills based on the CEFR
> ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Base, Standard or Advanced certificate (IT)
> telc (The European Language Certificates) certificate B2 or C1 (a German language exam)

What sets our courses apart?
> Practical lessons: you learn through real-life examples.
> Interaction: we emphasize communication and student involvement.
> Student-focus: we adapt to your learning pace–from the first day to the last.
> Need-orientation: you determine your learning process. We support you.
> Variety: you learn alone, in pairs and in groups with various media.
> Flexibility: we offer individual tutoring on request.

Course requirements:
> German language level B1 or higher (based on the CEFR)
> Upper-secondary level of education or higher (you have completed an apprenticeship or obtained a baccalaureate certificate (Matura))
> Good computer skills
> Access to the Internet and your own PC or Laptop

K5 helps you successfully learn German–customized to your needs.

Information on the price reduction

We offer various fee reductions for our courses and the childcare
Our course and childcare fees vary because donations and cantonal contributions allow us to offer fee reductions based on your canton of residence. You too can take advantage of these reductions!

Please note the following important information:

In order to receive a reduction, you must be registered for a health insurance premium reduction from the canton.
> If you do not yet receive a health insurance premium reduction, you can contact the canton's benefits office ASB (Amt für Sozialbeiträge):
> The ASB will assign you a reduction category based on your income and family situation. You will receive a fee reduction from K5 according to this category.

We offer courses that are free with the Basel-Stadt voucher.

The K5 playgroup accepts children who are required by the canton Basel-Stadt to attend a playgroup in order to learn German (Obligatorium BS).

If you live in canton Baselland, we can then give you a fee reduction based on your income for specific courses up to Niveau B1. In order to receive a fee reduction, you must provide K5 with your salary statements from the past three months. According to the regulations of the canton Basel-Landschaft, a reduction is only granted to persons with a regular long-term residency (residency permits B, C, or the Swiss passport).

If you live in the Dorneck-Thierstein district of canton Solothurn, you can take advantage of fixed reduced fees for certain courses. The fees for Solothurn residents are written on K5's course descriptions.

Other cantons
We also offer reductions on a few courses (including childcare) for people living in other cantons. In order to receive a fee reduction, you must provide K5 with your salary statements from the past three months.

Please stop by or call us. We would be happy to assist you in your language of choice.

General terms and conditions course

For WWW the general terms and conditions of ECAP apply. Here available in German

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Fee reduction for private individuals

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