Literacy and Conversation

This course is aimed at immigrants with minimal reading and writing skills and those who are not literate in the Latin alphabet. The focus of this course is on learning to speak German; reading and speaking skills will be developed to the extent that they enable basic everyday communication.

Course: Literacy and Conversation
Course length: 10 weeks, 40 lessons
Course times: Tuesday and Thursday, 2.30 - 4.00 p.m.
Class size: 6 – 10 participants
Registration deadline: 1 week before the course begins (later registration possible depending on availability)
Childcare: yes

For residents of canton Solothurn: CHF 120.–
For residents of other cantons and referring agencies: CHF 480.–

Per child: CHF 140.– to 580.–
For residents of canton Solothurn: CHF 80.–

Mündlicher Spracherwerb in Deutsch für Migrant/-innen. Das Basler Kurszentrum hat diesen Kurs.
More informations on the course

Why attend the Literacy and Conversation course?
> You will improve your spoken language competence for simple every-day situations.
> Participants will learn basic German language skills.
> Participants will develop confidence in their spoken language skills.

What exactly do participants learn in this course?
> Improved speaking skills
> Listening and comprehension skills
> Communication strategies for real-life situations

What sets our courses apart?
> Practical lessons: participants learn through real-life examples.
> Interaction: we emphasize communication and student involvement.
> Student-focus: we adapt to participants’ learning pace–from the first day to the last.
> Need-orientation: you determine your learning process. We support you.
> Variety: participants learn alone, in pairs and in groups with various media.

More valuable information
> On the first course day we clarify your existing language abilities and course placement.
> You learn together with a maximum of 15 other course participants.
> We recommend 3-5 hours of independent study a week.
> At the end of the course you receive a confirmation of participation indicating your language reference level and attendance.
> After the course you can opt for a telc language test (A1, A2, B1, B2) or a proof of language competency fide (A1 to B1). We will be happy to inform you.

K5 helps you successfully learn German–customized to your needs.

Information on the price reduction

We offer various fee reductions
Our course fees vary because donations and cantonal contributions allow us to offer fee reductions based on your canton of residence. You too can take advantage of these reductions!

If you live in the Dorneck-Thierstein district of canton Solothurn, you can take advantage of fixed reduced fees for certain courses. The fees for Solothurn residents are written on K5's course descriptions.

Please give us a call or come by. We will consult you, also in your own language!

General terms and conditions course and childcare


A written confirmation of participation will be issued at the end of a course if a participant has finished the course. This confirmation includes course content, course dates, course level(s) and number of lessons.

Course fees may be paid in instalments. The first instalment is due when the course begins. Course fees must be paid in full before the end of the course.

Course registration may be cancelled at no cost up until one week before the course begins. If course registration is cancelled within two weeks after the course begins, a fee of CHF 75.– will be charged. As of the third course week, the full course fees will be billed.

The general terms and conditions of the canton of Solothurn apply for Solothurn residents who attend a course subsidised by the canton of Solothurn.


The possibility of a childcare fee reduction will be reviewed at the time of registration. A fee reduction is based on a family’s income, which must be shown in writing when registering for a course. Residents of Basel-Stadt must provide verification that they receive a health insurance premium fee reduction; residents of Baselland must provide a salary statement.

The fees can be paid in instalments and must be paid in full by the end of the day care period booked.

Childcare registration may be cancelled at no cost up until two weeks before the course begins. As of the third course week, the full course fees will be billed.



Name and address
Residence permit

Registration for childcare

Would you like to register your child/children for day care at K5?

Fee reduction for private individuals

Fee reduction
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