Basic Skills: Finding a Job

Do you want to prepare for the job search in Switzerland? In this module, we will familiarise you with various job listings platforms and work together with you to compile your job application documents. In addition, you will learn through role plays how to conduct yourself during a job interview.

Course: Basic Skills: Finding a Job
Course length: 10 weeks, 30 lessons
Course times: Thursday, 1.00–3.30 p.m.
Level: A1–B2 based on the CEFR
Registration deadline: 1 week before the course begins (later registration possible depending on availability)
Childcare: no

Fees (depending on income):
For Basel-Stadt residents: CHF 90.– to 440.–
For Solothurn residents: CHF 210.– (from course level B2 onwards CHF 485.–)
For residents of other cantons and referring agencies: CHF 485.–


Vorbereitung auf die Stellensuche. Bewerbungsunterlagen in Deutsch schreiben im K5 Basler Kurszentrum.
Information on the price reduction

We offer various fee reductions for our courses and the childcare
Our course and childcare fees vary because donations and cantonal contributions allow us to offer fee reductions based on your canton of residence. You too can take advantage of these reductions!

Please note the following important information:

If you live in Basel-Stadt, you can benefit from a price reduction for German courses and childcare. 

1. In order to calculate the price reduction, we need your health insurance premium reduction. 
> If you do not yet receive a health insurance premium reduction, you can contact the canton's benefits office ASB (Amt für Sozialbeiträge):
> The ASB will assign you a reduction category based on your income and family situation. You will receive a fee reduction from K5 according to this category.

2. In order to for you to receive a price reduction, we have to forward your data to the education department of the canton BS (adult education department) (last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, residence status, gender, number of years of formal education, employment yes or no).

3. In order to for you to receive a price reduction for childcare, we have to forward your child's data to the education department of the canton BS (adult education department) (last name, first name, date of birth of the child).

We offer courses that are free with the Basel-Stadt voucher. With a free voucher, there is no reduction on the childcare price. 

The K5 playgroup accepts children who are required by the canton Basel-Stadt to attend a playgroup in order to learn German (Obligatorium BS).

If you live in canton Baselland, we can then give you a fee reduction based on your income for specific courses up to Niveau B1. In order to receive a fee reduction, you must provide K5 with your salary statements from the past three months. According to the regulations of the canton Basel-Landschaft, a reduction is only granted to persons with a regular long-term residency (residency permits B, C, or the Swiss passport).

If you live in the Dorneck-Thierstein district of canton Solothurn, you can take advantage of fixed reduced fees for certain courses. The fees for Solothurn residents are written on K5's course descriptions.

Other cantons
We also offer reductions on a few courses (including childcare) for people living in other cantons. In order to receive a fee reduction, you must provide K5 with your salary statements from the past three months.

Please stop by or call us. We would be happy to assist you in your language of choice.

General terms and conditions

A written confirmation of participation will be issued at the end of a course if a participant has finished the course. This confirmation includes course content, course dates, course level(s) and number of lessons.

The possibility of a course and childcare fee reduction for private payers from Basel-Stadt will be reviewed at the time of registration. A fee reduction is based on a family’s income, which must be shown in writing when registering for a course. Verification of a health insurance premium fee reduction must be provided when registering for a course.

Course fees may be paid in instalments. The first instalment is due when the course begins. Course fees must be paid in full before the end of the course.

Course registration may be cancelled at no cost up until one week before the course begins. If course registration is cancelled within two weeks after the course begins, a fee of CHF 75.– will be charged. As of the third course week, the full course fees will be billed.

The general terms and conditions of the canton of Solothurn apply for Solothurn residents who attend a course subsidised by the canton of Solothurn.




Name and address
Residence permit

Fee reduction for private individuals

Fee reduction
General terms and conditions*

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